Video Workshop

What We Will Do

  1. We will sit together with you and find out what you would like the final product to be. We will provide you with ideas and suggestions and let you know what is possible (and that is a lot!).
  2. We will collect the material you provide to us and enter it into our computers. That can include pictures, video or audio (we can record that for you).
  3. We will edit the material. We have experience in restoring old photos (even when small parts were missing completely!), lowering the noise level in audio recordings etc.
  4. We will create a video from the material. With still pictures, it will basically be a slideshow, usually with music in the background or your own commentary. We can mix videos and still pictures and audio any way you like.
  5. We will again sit together, view the first version(s) of the product and discuss it with you. This will give you a better idea of what it will look like when finished. Your comments and suggestions will be implemented into following versions.
  6. When all changes have been done, we will create DVD disks and/or video tapes in the number you require. We will create at least one DVD to use as a master to record the tapes.


What you will get...

What we will need...

How much it will cost...

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