Video Workshop

How Much Will It Cost

All rates depend on the nature of the project and are subject to change. You will need to supply us with all materials (pictures, videos, text, music etc.).

Base Rate: $400 Basic video project, includes 50 pictures in good shape, 1 home video (e.g. from video camera), music. You receive 2 DVDs or 1 DVD + 1 video tape.
Additional Costs: $20 minimum Extreme picture edits, e.g. restoration of old photos or missing parts, adding/hiding parts etc. Final rate depends on the actual time spent editing.
  $20-$100 Adding material after the 2 month deadline
  $10 per additional DVD or video tape
  $8 per additional DVD or video tape for more than 20 copies
  $5 per additional DVD or video tape for more than 50 copies

Note: Additional DVDs or tapes will take more time - on average, a DVD takes 10-30 minutes to create, a video tape as long as the duration of the finished product.


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