Web Design

These are copies of web sites we created (the content of some was edited to fit with this site):

Die Echten Zombies (German) - my first website was created for a "Rock Shock Show Band" in Vienna, Austria, in which I participated. The band no longer exists today.
Technology: HTML, picture editing, a little JavaScript

RadioMP3 - the idea was to convert a design idea from a picture into a Flash animation. This site shows the progress of the project. Unfortunately, the company decided not yet to switch to Flash.
Technology: Flash, picture editing, a little HTML

Not available online (available for presentation on request):

Wrigleys Inc. - collecting data and creating an internal website to explain new planned strategies
Technology: Flash, HTML, JavaScript, adapting DHTML scripts

SAE Technology College - webmaster and adding some JavaScript code to make site more compatible. Original version is no longer online.

Die Liedhaber (German) - an acapella choir in Munich in which I participated. The group no longer exists today. Site was taken offline on request of other members of the group.
Technology: Flash, a little HTML, recording, editing and converting sound

Last updated: 5/3/2005