This is the progress of the work as I posted it for the company to see. Original Source Pictures means the design that I received from the company as a picture, Flash is how I converted it into a Flash animation.

Version 01

This is the original design.
Please let me know especially what you think about the lines on top - in one of the white stripes in the original are orange stripes, and there are also variations in one of the thinner ones.
If you would like to have these converted, no problem, just let me know :-)
Also please let me know if the text in the middle is supposed to contain the blue underlined parts.
The buttons work as animations but not as links.

Something else: Currently, when viewing this page, there might be a black border around the animation - that is no problem, it will look like this for now, but no longer once I embed the animation into an HTML file which is the way the final product will be.

Original Source Picture (42kB)
Flash (26kB)

Version 02

New colors and other changes.
Now there's only the logo missing, but as far as I heard that may still be changing...

Original Source Picture (127kB)
Flash (28kB)

Version 03

The tape control buttons on top are removed.

Flash (27kB)
Flash embedded in HTML
(this means, a right-click or holding the CTRL key and clicking on a Macintosh will open a menu that allows the quality to be changed if necessary. This is how the final version will be put online, but I can still change the size if necessary)
GIF version (17kB)
The same, but as a GIF image for people without Flash plugin. I could make the links to work inside a picture - it is a bit more complicated, but possible.
This picture can even be animated a bit (without much interaction), but would most likely become quite large.

Version 04

New logo.
This is still the main page - I will start working on the intro once I know this is how you'd like it.
Only a few details are not quite as in the original design, e.g. a few lines on top are different. My main focus in this version was to get the amplitude animations to work independently from each other with all of them running from 1 to 8.

Please let me know what you think.

Flash (37kB)

Version 05

I tried to implement the design as far as possible.
If you would like any more changes, please let me know.
Right now I am working on converting the original font from Mac to PC format - once that is done, I can implement it into the page.

Flash (38kB)