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I don't receive a lot of questions, but I'll still call this section ...


1. Temper won't run at all - it says something about a file not found.

Temper was programmed in Visual Basic, and it needs a few files in order to work. Most Windows installations have these files, but in case they do not:

MSCOMCTL.ZIP (ZIP file ~500kB) - just place the file in the same folder with Temper.

Older Windows versions may require installing Visual Basic 6 Runtime files which can be downloaded for free from Microsoft's download section. Install these files, and you should be good to go.

2. Temper still won't run - something about access denied on MSCOMCTL.OCX or similar.

Then I probably can't help - you need to be running Windows as an Administrator for Temper to work. After using Temper myself for about a year I have only seen this error in one company that does not want their employees to install stuff to prevent problems. This also blocks access to the above mentioned Visual Basic files that Temper needs to run. I will look into it, but I can't say yet if there is a solution or not.

3. I want to use Temper for my company. Is it still Freeware?

I have decided to keep Temper Freeware for personal use. If you would like to use it for commercial purposes, please check with me first. Until I have my email problem fixed, please use the comment box at the bottom of my homepage.

4. There is a temp folder in the Documents and Settings folder that doesn't automatically get deleted - what's wrong?

I don't know where they come from, but sometimes there's folders that use the old Windows 95 and 98 way to write long folder names, i.e. they try to keep the length of the name to 8 characters and add ~ and a number to it. Temper cannot find these (yet) because it is searching for "Local Settings" which is probably abbreviated to something like "LOCALS~1". It is a known issue, and I'll work on it next chance.

5. Why do you give Temper away as Freeware?

Because I believe that some things in life should be free :-)
Seriously, I strongly rely on freeware to organize my computerized life, and I feel I should give back to the community. My favorite programs are Freeware! See the end of my Links section.

6. I would like to request a feature.

Great, please do! If an email to me comes back (again, I have email server troubles) use the comment box at the bottom of the homepage. I read every comment (well, there have been 10 out of thousands of site visitors so far...) and put them on my list of features to add. I can't promise when or even if they will be added, but I will do my best, as time and my programming skills allow.