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2/26/2006 Finally found a few minutes to attempt to fix the two biggest issues. I have not spent too much time testing it, but I will test it on the job this week. Please let me know how it is working for you.

Found (or rather identified) another bug that I will add to the list. I often see websites that lay dormant for months or even years and the projects on them abandoned. I do not want that to happen here. My plan is to keep working on Temper - or at least officially announce the project end if it should come to that. At the moment, I believe I have a working stable version that has a few bugs which do not affect its function too much, only the way it reports what it deleted and that it does not always automatically find known temp folders. So again apologies for not fixing these bugs...
But I can honestly say that except for these known bugs Temper is doing a great job so far. I am using it on most of my clients' PCs, especially company PCs where multiple people log on to the same computer, i.e. creating multiple user profiles and temp folders.

11/21/2005 Apologies to all visitors who found my site not available. One of the server's hard drives died, so it was necessary to start a new installation from scratch, and some things are still not working perfectly, so on Thanksgiving the site may be down again, but hopefully just for one day. Thanks for your patience and understanding, and thanks a lot to my server admin!!!
I had a few rough weeks, so I had to put Temper on ice for a bit. I hope to be able to get to it during Thanksgiving.
I found two minor bugs: Sometimes the Windows Temp folder will not be detected properly if Windows is installed in "WinNT" instead of "Windows". This should not happen, but I'll look into it. The other is that Temper may falsely report folders as "could not be deleted" although they were deleted. I think I know where that bug could be.
11/1/2005 Much better. The deleting process is much faster now. It will now show the number of files per selected folder that are deleted and not the amount of all files in all folders, but I think this is an acceptable sacrifice for the speed it gained - for now. There may be a way to get the complete amount of files back in there - something for the future. There is still plenty that can be optimized, but for now I am happy with what I have, and I can't wait to try it out "in the field" again.
11/1/2005 Bug removed. I am trying to make it faster still, and I think I know how to do it, it's just a matter of time and completely rearranging a huge bunch of code that isn't even mine, hehe. At least now there is a working counter that tells users how far we are in the process of deleting. I am currently working with a test directory of 37,000 files, and it is slow... I'll try a few things. In the meantime, 0.9.12 should work.
11/1/2005 Bug Alert - Version 0.9.11 does not delete anything! Until I figure out why, I have to recall this version and keep 0.9.10 on. I apologize to everyone who has downloaded the new version and found it not working. I'll have it working by tonight, I hope.
10/31/2005 Finally as promised: The new release. One major change was adding the checkboxes, and unfortunately that meant possibly adding 500kB to the download for the needed Windows file. On most updated Windows XP computers this file should already be in place. If not, downloading the file I linked to at the top of the page and extracting it into the same folder where TEMPER.EXE is will make it work. I'll have to redo my site to make the download part look better some day, but priority was to get the new release out first.
Please let me know what you think about Temper. I am getting tons of people who look at this page, and I assume most of them try it, but so far I have received only 4 comments out of over 2,000 page views... I really would like to know what you think would make Temper better and what your experiences are with it. Either email me or use the comment box at the bottom of this page. Also, since I provide it for free, any donation (no matter how small) is greatly appreciated and very helpful to me. Thanks!
10/30/2005 Got nearly everything done, but there's one major issue, and that is speed. I tested a temp folder with about 35,000 files, and it's crawling when listing all the files in the big text window. I may have to make the decision to not list the files - since the files are immediately deleted after listing them is done, I don't really need it, and it will speed it up considerably. I hope to get to rewrite that part tomorrow. Please bear with me...
10/29/2005 I am nearly done with a new release. I changed the interface and made it a bit easier to use, but there's still one problem and some testing that I need to take care of.
9/21/2005 Hopefully the Error 52 is resolved now, but on cost of possibly missing files to delete, and at this point the files that used to produce Error 52 are not logged. Something to do for a future release - I just wanted to get rid of the error to make Temper usable.
9/12/2005 I found a computer that produced one of the errors I know Temper still has, which means this is one that I can reproduce and eliminate. I really want to work on Temper again, but my busy schedule keeps me from doing stuff. But I setup an email newsletter for everyone who wants to be informed when the new version arrives! Please see the link in the upper left corner!
8/22/2005 I was afraid this was going to happen... Some new code I used to check for updates requires a windows file to be either installed or included in the folder from which Temper is run. I added the file into the ZIP file now (that's why the file is 90kB now instead of 30kB before), so it should work fine with everyone. I apologize to everyone who encountered this problem.
8/20/2005 Had a few hours to code... Version 0.9.9 has lost the typo, can check for an update and hopefully no longer shows the Error 9. Unfortunately, I have not yet experienced the error myself. I created a folder with 5879 subfolders and over 87,000 files and still couldn't replicate it. I did receive the error if I quit the first scan so fast that no temp folder is found yet.
My goal is that the next release will be version 1.0.0 (no more beta!) and include highlighting the folders that are definitely Windows Temp and Temporary Internet Files folders.
8/19/2005 I just had to write this down real quick :-) Last wednesday was quite a day. I had submitted Temper to two freeware sites, and I had already noticed that it had been picked up by one other, generating about 10 site hits per day. On wednesday morning I check my mail and find the first three people commenting on Temper. I check my site hits and scream - 638 hits, and that was only hits for the day at 9 in the morning! It has risen to 1023 for that day, followed by 398 the next day. So I want to say thank-you to the people who submitted by little program to these sites, and a big thank-you to everyone checking it out! I hope that I'll be able to spend some time with it again within the next few days to update the features that I've had in mind for quite a while now, including the error 9 message and a "look for updates" button. Once error 9 is gone, I think Temper is ready for version 1 :-) Again, thanks for checking it out, and I hope you guys find it as useful as I have yesterday, emptying the folders of 10 PCs in less than a quarter of the time it would have taken me to do it by hand.
8/3/2005 Finally had a chance to work on it again and added a bunch of features. About time, hehe...
7/21/2005 Took Temper on a field trip and found it quite useful. I tested it on 13 PCs. On everyone of them there were read-only files in Windows\Temp, and that's a known issue my first release has and on the top of my list (see below). Apart from these files, at least 4 PCs were completely cleaned which saved about 5-10 minutes each. On some PCs I had trouble with invalid file names from the internet which created an error message and stopped the program - something else on my list.
All in all, for a first test it was very promising. Now I need time to work on my next release!

Older versions of Temper:

version beta 0.9.12
version beta 0.9.11 - screenshot
version beta 0.9.10 (long-time stable and working release, but limited features)
version beta 0.9.9 - screenshot
version beta 0.9.8 - screenshot