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Version history:
beta 0.9.14 Increased deleting speed.
beta 0.9.11 Changed interface, added feature that marks folders that are safe to empty. Files that will be deleted are no longer displayed in the list to speed up everything.
beta 0.9.10 Added some code to catch the Error 52.
beta 0.9.9 Added Check for Update button, corrected typo, added some code to catch the Error 9.
beta 0.9.8 Added scalable window and interface and multiple selection to remove folders from the list
beta 0.9.7 Added sorting of list and elimination of subfolders in list
beta 0.9.6 Added deletion of Temporary Internet Files and Cookies on the currently logged-in user account.
beta 0.9.5 Added deletion of hidden files.
beta 0.9.4 Added deletion of read-only files and folders.
beta 0.9.2 First release. Full functionality, probably a few bugs depending on the system.